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subliminal tapes Self Improvement: Sports: improve hockey

People view success in life and success in hockey very differently. Does your view consist of happiness, self-fulfillment, challenge and sport? Do you give every game your all? Do you practice and then practice some more, or do you contribute just enough to get a contract? Self improvement subliminal tapes can help you anyway. As a hockey professional, you’re taught that you must make decisions for the good of the team…and for the championship. While we’re not promising you the Stanley Cup, our Hockey self improvement subliminal tapes will provide positive subliminal messages to your subconscious, which will enhance your team spirit and cohesiveness. When the puck flies, you’ll fly with it. When you take your shot, it’ll move like lightening towards its target. You train your body, but let our specialized hockey self improvement subliminal tapes train your mind, and prepare you for success, whether as a professional hockey league athlete, or as a Sunday afternoon gamer.


Subliminal Tapes Self Improvement Testimonial:

"I got tired of hearing everyone complaining about my dry sense of humor and ordered your humor tape. Now I can laugh with the rest of them and don’t feel like such an outsider. Thanks."

Craig Neesbaum, Cinnaminson, New Jersey (Self Improvement Subliminal Tapes Customer)